KAYCEE Cam Switch



Compact type-100/200/300/400 series

KAYCEE Rotary Cam Switches have been engineered and designed especially to meet the requirements of latest concepts in switching technology demanding miniaturization and sophistication in control engineering. These are guaranteed for optimum performance and meet the most arduous industrial applications. Kaycee Rotary Cam Switches are hand-operated, assembled on packet principle giving choice of multi-position and multi-pole circuits.

Switches for Motor Control application covers a wide range of applications such as switching, controlling and starting of 3 phase AC squirrel cage induction motors.

Kaycee Rotary Cam switches are manufactured in the following range :

10A/440V AC,50 Hz at 0.8 Power Factor or 6A/250V DC. (Thermal Rating)
12A/380V AC, 50 Hz at 0.8 Power Factor.
25A/250V AC or 10A/440V AC, 50 Hz at 0.8 Power Factor or 25A/250V DC. (Thermal Rating)

Motor Control Switches suitable for squirrel cage induction motors up to 7.5 H.P., 3 phase 415 V AC, 50 Hz. system.

Range : 6A to 200A, breaker control : 25 & 32 Amp
Angle Of throw : 30,45,60 & 90deg.
Mounting : flush & base.
Custom base switches as per design available with stay put, spring return with lost motion sequence locking available.

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