KAYCEE Micro Switch k1



Standard Microswitches type K1 bear the safety and quality mark of Kaycee. Inspite of small casing dimensions, the creepage distance and clearance in air are so designed that maximum safety is ensured. Precision in design and manufacture as well as the high quality of the material used, results in long mechanical and electrical life. Switches are tested for compilance with the characteristic data to ensure quaity. The Switch with its actuating member and auxiliary devices has a wide application in industrial and electonic control.


Kaycee Standard Microswitches are available in these different types of bases as shown below.The various types of Actuators are shown on the reverse page and the basic switch can be supplied with any of these Actuators to suit individual requirements. While ordering please specify the type of base and actuators required.


Conforms to JSS 51204 & ISS 6089

Circuitry :

Type K1 is available in single pole providing 1 No and 1 NC contact arrangement.

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